"Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food."

Hippocrates, 390 BC

"Susannah Lawson is my favourite nutritional therapist."

Patrick Holford, founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and Britain’s best-selling health author

The Stress Cure

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Stress is an unavoidable aspect of modern life. But while we cannot escape life’s pressures, we can change our reaction to them. If you are stuck in a vicious cycle of stress and fatigue, The Stress Cure will show you how to ‘reset’ your mind and body to achieve a calmer, more resilient and balanced approach to life.

The Stress Cure will show you how to:

  • Uncover your stress triggers and self-defeating negative beliefs
  • Stop anxiety and panic
  • Increase your energy naturally and escape the sugar and stimulant trap
  • Sleep well and wake refreshed
  • Learn simple exercises to feel calmer and more positive
  • Fuel up with energising food and feel-good nutrients
  • Manage your time more effectively
  • Build resilience to make yourself stress-proof

Along with quick fixes to feel better now, practical techniques to de-stress and delicious recipes, The Stress Cure includes a 30-day action plan to help you thrive, rather than simply survive, in today’s fast and ever-changing world.

Published by Piatkus on 5 March 2015. 336 pages. RRP £14.99.
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This is what Marie Claire magazine has to say about The Stress Cure:

“Two leading nutrition experts teach you how to influence the way you’re affected by stress and alter how you react to it. Examining how stress affects us, the book offers practical solutions, including how to become more resilient and reframe negative beliefs.”

FREE Stress Cure downloads

I’ve recorded some of the exercises I feature in The Stress Cure for you to download and listen to when you need help or ideas to relax.

Stress Cure Seminar with Susannah Lawson and Patrick Holford

I will be presenting an evening seminar with Patrick Holford on Thursday 26 March 2015 in Winchester. Click here for further details and to book, and also to see other dates Patrick will be presenting solo.

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